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Scheduled Maintenance

Getting your vehicle serviced according to the factory guidelines is one of the best ways to protect against breakdowns!  At Road Britannia, we insure all the services, are done to factory specs. This means the correct weight and highest quality  oils will be used.  Whether you drop in for a quick oil change or we are performing a major service, we will always perform a 102 point inspection to make sure you stay safe and to prevent something small turning into  bigger more expensive problem. No one wants to be on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck.








Brakes and Braking Systems

Brakes are arguably the most import feature of your vehicle, so make sure that your braking system is inspected regualarly. Road Britannia, offers any and all repairs you may need on your car or truck.  We have dealer specific computers for diagnosing and clearing fault lights. To list a few of common repairs we see: pads, rotors, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, master cylinders, brake boosters, electronic parking brake components and much more.  One thiing a consumer must be careful of, especially at the "$99" brake places, is that you are only replacing parts that are actually needed. Also becareful that the  quality of parts you are recieving is not sub par.  We can often save our customers hundreds of dollars compared to the dealers, and use the highest quality products.

The #1 question I get asked with regards to brakes is, “how do I know if I should also replace the rotors when the pads are worn out?”  Please check out our video in the "Brakes vs Brakes and rotors" blog.














 "Service Engine Soon" and "Check Engine" Lights

A "Service Engine Soon" and the "Check Engine" light are one in the same and when illumiated or burned out  will cause you to fail inspection in Georgia. These are often emissions related problems that may or may not have any impact on the drivablity of the vehcile.  In other cases where there is a misfire or the vehicle runs poorly, the light may flash. In this case we suggest towing if not close to our shop. These lights are however different from the "inspection due" indcators or messages that may say "service A or B eexceeded". We perform advanced diagnostics to find and repair your vehicles emissions or engine related problems.

See our helpful tips for information regarding these annoying lights.



Engine Repairs and Rebuilds

We perform any engine related work your vehicle may need. Whether it’s a complete rebuild, timing belts, overheating issues, or something as far out as putting a v8 where a 4 cylinder once was,  Our ASE certified and trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to make sure major or minor repairs are completed to the highest standards. Cylinder head gaskets, valve jobs, variable cam timing faults, oil pumps, and other repairs are all just another day here at Road Britannia.



Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs

In Georgia we blessed to have a wide range in climate throughout year.  9 degrees earlier in January and no doubt in August we will see high 90s.The guy in the picture below had a pretty decent idea.  It just seems that by the time you purchase a generator, window ac unit and strap it all to the car, we could have paid for the repair! Dont put it off to get it repaired.  You may as well get the whole summer out of it once its ice cold again. We diagnose and repair all HVAC repairs. Compressors, lines, blend doors, blower motors, heater cores, evaporators, condensers, control boards and other electrical issues. We also replace cabin pollen filters and perform evaporator cleaners and treatments to get rid of nasty and harmful, mold and pollen build up inside your system. Build up which you breathe every time you are inside your car. We have the latest software as well as the most modern AC machine to insure your vehicle is diagnosed correctly. The AC machine will also suck out any old Freon in order to prevent harm to the ozone.

Did you know that many heating issues can be something as simple as no/low antifreeze? Make sure you bring your vehicle to a shop that the community has trusted for 44 years!




One of the complaints I have heard customers say about their experiences at other shops is “they charged me 5 hours to find a short in my wire harness and the problem is still there!” It really does require a specially trained mechanic for things like electrical work. I promise you your local lube joint isn’t reading wiring diagrams and most likely won’t be able diagnose a CAN BUS communications fault in your ECU (computer). Whether its wiring up rally lights on a Land Rover Discovery, or tracking down a 10 amp draw that is killing the battery on a Jaguar XJ8 we have the skills to make sure you don’t over pay for diagnostics and that any computer programming and updates can be performed.







Okay, this is where writing a description of “services offered” gets difficult.  We do so many mechanical repairs it's hard to list.  Cooling systems repairs such as raditors and water pumps, mechanical components such as window regulators (bottom right pic), sunroofs, belts, hoses, exhaust systems, emissions systems. It’d be easier for me to say what we don’t do! Body and paint work.  That’s what we don’t do. My fear is that if someone doesn’t see a specific part such as water pump, radiator, fan, window regulator, fuel pump, carburetor rebuild, timing belt, etc, they might say, “oh, well, I guess they can’t replace my whats-a-ma-jig .  Yes a “whats-a-ma-jig” is real part. It does have to be specially ordered from a factory that also makes widgets. Seriously, if you don’t see something listed, or if we didn’t say, “we can also repair your 1957 Alpine”, Just Call US!












 Steering and Suspension

We replace any steering components such as racks, gear boxes, tie rod ends, control arms and bushings, sway bar links, steering Columns and computers.  Electronic Air Suspension or EAS faults are more and more common on vehicles today.  For example, Range Rover and Land Rover air suspensions often need components such as air struts, compressors, and even height sensors.  Jaguar and Mercedes even have “active” suspensions now. All of these systems need to be calibrated properly after any repairs are made. Oh yeah, and shocks on your 1991 Nissan..we do that too! Some vehciles such as 2003-2005 Jaguars and several Land Rovers, offer a coil conversion kit we can isntall o replace the exsisting air ride suspension.  Whether or not this conversion is cost effective or a good alternative is something we discuss on one of our helpful blogs.




Often times transmission issues do not warrant replacement of the entire unit. Newer vehicles can be very computerized. Often times, it is an electrical issue such a transmission fluid leak at the sleeve getting into the plug of the wire harness. Or perhaps, low fluid due to another leak. We want to make 100% your hard earn money is going towards necessary repairs only. We offer the best Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW transmission rebuilds. Direct from the ZF factory, our transmissions are built top to bottom. All internal components are replaced as well as the torque convertor, and Mechatronic control system (internal computer). All of our ZF transmissions carry a 3 year 36k mile warranty. The same transmission, better warranty, but thousands less than the dealerships charge!


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