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When you show up at the shop with an issue with your ride, chances are the service writer will ask you several questions. At Road Britannia we do this to make sure we understand the complaint, as well as to make sure there aren’t multiple problems going on. Often times the driver has a hard time answering some of these. I thought it would be helpful to write a blog on some things you can do that will help ensure that your problem gets repaired right the first time.

Pay attention to things like noises, vibrations, warning lights, gauges, and even smells. If you know the answers to the following questions it will go a long way in solving your problem.

  1. Does it happen all the time or certain times like when you first drive the car in the morning?
  2. Does it happen when the car is sitting still, or when you are in motion. If it happens in motion, does it go away or get worse when you accelerate or brake?
  3. Has there been any indication of running hot?
  4. Are than any warning lights on, or have any come on that are not on at the moment? If warning lights are present and you aren’t sure what they are, snap a quick picture with your phone.
  5. Are there any liquids such as oil or coolant leaking from the vehicle? If so, from what location relative to the car?
  6. Has anyone done any recent work to the vehicle and has it been serviced properly?

I’d like to think everyone knows to periodically look down at the gauges to make sure the car isn’t running hot, or that there are no warning lights on. Having said that I know that doesn’t always happen. For example, if a car has been overheated, most people think it only ran hot for a few minutes, However, we ultimately find, because of the damage we see, that the car was obviously driven hot for much longer. Certain vehicles such as Land Rovers, and BMWs, have a lower tolerance for overheating. Keeping an eye on the gauges can often mean the difference between a quick hose replacement versus a new engine. Bottom line is that being aware can save you big bucks!cartoon cqr

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