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My blogs are usually written just after I see or experience something that makes me go “Dude….Seriously?” Recently a customer came in because their truck was running hot in traffic.  Makes sense that after checking the fans are working etc, no…

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Love Jags? Check this video out.

Click here for Video: Jaguar legend Norman Dewis

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To Buy or Not to Buy? Extended Warranty Tips

This is a question many of us face as we near the termination of the factory warranty or if we are buying a used vehicle.  There are different companies, some who will be pushed by the dealership who sold you…

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Helping Your Mechanic

When you show up at the shop with an issue with your ride, chances are the service writer will ask you several questions. At Road Britannia we do this to make sure we understand the complaint, as well as to…

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How Long Will We Need Your Vehicle?

Aside from the monetary cost of vehicle repairs, one of the most stressful parts of bringing your car into the shop is the time you must go without the vehicle until repairs are completed. We are well aware of this…

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“When do I need to replace brake rotors?”

Video:  Customers often ask if they really need brake rotors when we are replacing brake pads. I explain to them why it is sometimes necessary but often times it is totally up to them, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and especially…

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Range Rover Air Suspension Versus Converting it to Coils

If you have ever had the privilege to drive a vehicle that has electronic air suspension such as, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Jaguars, Lr3, and Sports you would understand why a car designer would add this luxury to a high…

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Service Engine Soon and Check Engine Lights

These lights are virtually the same.  When they come on there is some sort of malfunction with the vehicle that needs to be checked a shop with up to date, factory type software.  We make sure to stay current on…

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